Greater Impact

The Waweza Movement Rescue Center celebrated 5 years of being in operation in June of this year. Over the last 5 years we have learned a lot. We have learned about what to do and in a few instances we have learned what not to do. Mostly our focus during this time we have asked ourselves the question, "How can run the Rescue Center better," rather than, "How can we grow our organization to reach more people."

The reason for our slow growth approach is simple. We don't want to grow something that isn't run as well as it could be. Every one of our kids is important to us. They are our children. If we aren't taking the best care of the kids we have and ensuring a bright future for them then we shouldn't bring in new kids. We want to grow something that is well stewarded, efficient and effective. We are happy to report that we are confident the Rescue Center has reached that point. 

All of our kids are healthy, excelling in school and ambitious for the future. We now have 5 girls in high school and one girl getting ready to transition to college. Over the past two years we have been putting structure in place to help our kids navigate what God would have them do with their future and pursue careers that will help them to be independent, generous and a blessing to their community. 

Now we are looking to scale what we have to a bigger property. Over the next year we would like to purchase a piece of property that is 20-30 acres in size. We could grow into a plot of land that size for years to come. Over the next few years we will build a new facility that will house  around 80 children. The kids will be a combination of children from the street and special needs and deaf children. 

Also on the property we will grow food, have fish ponds and raise livestock. This will help our kids learn responsibility and work ethic through the chores that would need to be done. It will also greatly reduce the cost to run our facilities. 

Small businesses are thriving all around Africa. On the property we will also have a few small businesses to bring in income for the orphanage. These businesses will serve as job training and even employment for some of our kids when they get older. Special needs people have an especially hard time finding work in Kenya. Businesses that are owned and operated by Waweza can train and employ some of our special needs graduates that would otherwise be unemployable. 

Further down the road we are planning to have a school on site that helps develop vital life skills along side academic learning. We would also like to have clinic that can serve our kids and be an outreach to the rest of the community. 

We are estimating the land cost to be close to $100,000.

The new facility will be between $200,00-$250,000.

As we find out how much the individual projects such as the fish ponds, gardens, businesses etc.. will be we will provide that information. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read through this update! We appreciate you and all of the support that you give to our kids.


Joseph Lewin