In March of 2009, 19-year-old Megan was given the opportunity to spend two weeks in Kenya, Africa. While there she was devastated by the orphan population, in particular the street children and fell in love with these fatherless and motherless children. Two months later, in May, Megan returned to Africa in response to the Lord’s calling, and this new found love for orphans. For the next 6 weeks she spent time in orphanages, hospitals, fed the hungry, and shared the love of Jesus. With this love in her heart Megan came back and started Waweza Movement. In early 2011 construction began on the Waweza Movement Rescue Center.

If everyone does a little, it becomes a lot.
— Doug Combs

Since opening in 2011 the Waweza Movement Rescue Center has been a safe haven for 37 children rescued from lives of rape, abuse and extortion. Not only have these children been rescued from unthinkable pain and suffering but they are thriving above and beyond where they would have been if they had never gone through such terrible trauma. Most of our kids are at the top of their classes in school, they are healthy and able to enjoy being kids. 

Thanks to the generosity of our Operation 58 Sponsors our kids will never again face the poverty and abuse that marked their early life. Not only will our kids lives be changed but through education and development they are changing their family tree. 

Our work is only beginning. Our kids will turn 18 and be done with high school. Some of them will go on to college. But what then? 

We must pursue longterm sustainable development or our kids will go right back to the streets when they are done. Waweza Movement exists to reduce poverty and restore hope. Not only hope for today, but hope for a better tomorrow and a bright future! 

We are striving to reduce poverty through education but we are taking it a step further by developing sustainable businesses that will produce income to sustain our projects in Kenya. These businesses will also provide jobs for our kids and others in the local community.