Since opening in 2011 the Waweza Movement Rescue Center has been a safe haven for children rescued from lives of rape, abuse and extortion. Not only have these children been rescued from unthinkable pain and suffering but they are thriving above and beyond where they would have been if they had never gone through such terrible trauma. Most of our kids are at the top of their classes in school, they are healthy and able to enjoy being kids. 

Our next step we will be buying 20-30 acres. This property will be where most of our upcoming projects will take place. We are going to build a new facility that will house 80 kids with separate sides for the boys and girls. It will also be home to our dairy farm, special needs home and still have room to start future projects.

This is Prisca, she was rescued from a life of abuse on the streets. We can only imagine what trauma she experienced while living with older street boys who were "taking care of her." This set of pictures shows the day that she got to the rescue center and only three months after she arrived. She has been with us for several years now and is one of the most joyful kids I have ever met! She is excelling in school and now has a hope for a bright future! 



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