Deaf And Special Needs 

The special needs community in Kenya is neglected. Their families and communities disown them. The government schools are under staffed, undersupplied and underfunded. Gibson, the principle at Kakamega School For The Deaf, told us that 90% of the boys and girls at their school have been sexually and physically abused. When these kids return home many of them are locked in closets to save their families from embarrassment. The common belief in Kenya is that these kids are cursed.

Waweza Movement is taking strides to bring relief to this forgotten community. We began a partnership with Kakamega School For The Deaf in 2014. Currently we are providing relief for these children. They were eating one meal a day and protein one time per month. Partnering with the principle of the school we are delivering food, clothes and learning materials.

We are committed to the special needs community moving forward. As we work towards sustainability we will be starting a home for special needs children. At our home the kids will receive the individualized care they need. They will have a nutritious diet provided. We will employ specialists who will help the kids work through physical and emotional trauma. We will be able to ensure they are receiving a relevant education. Most importantly we will be able to either help place them with a job or employ them in one of our sustainable businesses.

Learn more about the condition these kids have been living in by watching this video:


After first seeing the condition these kids were living in we were moved to say the least and knew that something had to be done. Since then we have been able to give them enough food to eat three meals a day and have increased the amount of protein to once a week. Some of the kids were sleeping on wire mesh and we were able to purchase 50 mattresses so the kids can start getting good sleep. We are super excited about what we have been able to do so far but it is only a scratch on the surface of what they need.

Kristin was one of the team members on that trip and has taken on the oversight of our partnership. She has been a huge addition to our team and is working very hard to help bring awareness and get the resources out for all of you to be able to get involved. She will be continuing to bring you up to date and relevant information as we move forward.